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It didn’t take long for me to discover that almost all of the resources I found while examining the things that make people happy come from within. One of them is our natural abilities. Even the one who says “I have no talent for anything” has a talent that he himself has not yet realized. You may not have the best voice or you may not be the fastest runner, but it is possible to improve it, develop it and create your own unique style. Whether for professional or hobby purposes, having an occupation other than your profession in daily life makes you realize the pleasant aspects of life, while also making you happy to be busy with yourself.

So, if you are not aware of the abilities you have, how will you identify them?
1. Be alone with yourself.
Although socializing with people is a nice and enjoyable activity, it is not possible for you to hear your own inner voice. Moreover, people try to impose their own truth whether you ask them for their opinion or not. For this reason, sometimes it will be a unique experience for you to be alone and listen to yourself so that you can hear your own thoughts, to feel and define the power within you.

2. Awareness does not come in an instant, it is the sum of the moments you have experienced before.
Trying new things, experiencing an activity that you have never tried before but are curious about can reveal your hidden talents.

3. Identify the things in your life that make you forget the concept of time and give you pleasure.
This can lead you to a skill you are unaware of. For example, you like to make observations while reading a book. You can open a blog where you write reviews of the books you read. This can enable you to live by detailing and deepening an occupation you enjoy. Or you love nature walks. You can join walking groups or create your own walking route and invite people. If you forget the concept of time while all this is happening, then you are on the right path for yourself on the path to happiness.

4. Remember your childhood dreams.
What did you dream of being when you were little? We are all born into the world with pure energy and an unprejudiced mind. As a matter of fact, our way of thinking is shaped by our family, environment and experiences, that is, it is limited. Unfortunately, the most colorful dreams are always the ones made when we were little, since no one put limits on our thoughts when we were children. For this reason, reaching your inner child and remembering unrestricted dreams can easily open many doors. For example, I wanted to be a singer, I imagined myself on stage, I was singing non-stop. As I grew up, instead of following my dream, I found myself becoming an engineer with environmental and family conditioning.

So, what did you want to be with all your heart when you were little?
Do you remember your dream that made your eyes shine?
What would you choose to be if you had no barriers limiting you?

Even if your answer is illogical, there is always a way to apply those dreams to the present. Of course if you want!

5. List what you have accomplished so far.
If you can’t think of anything, you can list being “yourself” as the greatest achievement to date. When you start listing, you realize how many negative situations you have overcome in both your business and private life. So much so that when dealing with these negative situations, you can determine which aspects stand out. You realize that you have hidden talents that can be developed over your strengths. This awareness causes you to realize your own potential by holding a mirror to you in the moments when you say “I have no talent”. Moreover, by showing all the things you have accomplished in your life but did not realize, it reveals what you have and your talents. You too can find your own special talent, in fact, you can experience how talented you are with your own eyes.

6. If you don’t know what you want, find what you don’t want.
In university exams, my dream was to study at a good university rather than a good department. When the scores were announced, I always shaped my preferences in that direction. But the color of the work changed when he started university. During the 4 years I studied, I was never happy to be there. The atmosphere, atmosphere and classes did not match my communicative personality. After 4 years, I still didn’t know what I wanted, but one thing was certain: What I didn’t want! I never did the job I was trained in. This was one of the first lessons that gave me awareness on my journey to know myself.

“If you don’t know what you want, find what you don’t want… So that you don’t go astray…”

With the coaching approaches above, you can both discover your talents and open the doors of new worlds. Get the words of Henry Van Dyke as your motivation to start: “Use all the talents you have. If only birds with beautiful voices sang, the forests would be very quiet.”

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