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Imtek Engineering was created in 2001, to provide spare parts for pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic systems in the fastest way.

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    20 years experience at Industrial Equipments
    Our company was established in 2001 in order to supply the necessary technological materials, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic system spare parts in the fastest way all over the world.

    We are very experienced in industrial equipments.
    We are reliable.
    We are solution oriented.
    We are creative and innovative.
    We are environmentalists.
    We care about our team.
    Quality Policy
    Quickly evaluate incoming requests and maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level through proper communication and continuity.

    Increase the effectiveness of employees by starting with their well-being in the workplace and ensuring their participation, while asking them for relevant advice before making decisions.

    Client Satisfaction
    Our goal is to combine our experience with a young and dynamic structure to satisfy our customers.

    The continuity of our references indicates that we are on the right track. Our processes are continuously improved to meet the expectations of our customers.

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