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K9 Guardians

K9G – K9 Guardians

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    A police dog, or K-9, is a dog trained to assist police and other law enforcement personnel. The word K-9 (key-nine) is synonymous with the Latin word canine, meaning dog. The most commonly used dog breed for this purpose is the German shepherd.

    In most jurisdictions, the deliberate killing or injury of a police dog is a felony and the perpetrator receives a heavier penalty than torture to a normal animal. While some security forces use steel vest police dogs, some have uniforms and badges for dogs on duty.

    Police dogs can be used to catch criminals and prevent the caught criminal from escaping. Apart from that, police dogs are used for:

    Search-and-rescue dogs: These dogs are used to locate criminals or missing people, property. They are mostly Bloodhound breed dogs.
    Detection dog: Some dogs can be used to detect illegal substances such as drugs or explosives. Beagles are used for this purpose at airports in most countries.
    Corpse-finding dog: With their strong sense of smell, these dogs can even smell corpses under running water.

    Dogo Argentino: (protecting officer, assault, bomb detection, drug detection, food detection)
    German shepherd dog: (officer protection, assault, ground and air tracking, human remains locating, drug detection, EOD detection, incident detection)
    Dutch Shepherd Dog: (protecting officer, attack)
    Belgian Shepherd Dog: (protecting officer, attack, EOD detection)
    Boxer: (protecting officer, attack)
    Labrador retriever: (bomb detection, drug detection)
    Doberman: (protecting officer, assault)
    Springer Spaniel: (bomb detection, drug detection)
    Bloodhound: (sniffing person, tracking, bomb detection, drug detection, event detection)
    Beagle: (bomb detection, drug detection, food detection)
    Rottweiler: (protecting officer, attack)
    Big Schnauzer: (officer protection, attack)
    Bernese mountain dog: (finding missing person)

    The German Shepherd or German Shepherd is a breed of dog originating from Germany. They are also sometimes referred to as wolfhounds in Turkish. Being large, athletic and strong as well as intelligent, when properly bred, this dog makes the perfect family, guard, or work dog. German wolves are divided into two; There are two different versions called work dogs and show dogs. German wolves produced as working dogs have a higher hip and longer legs. Dogs bred for show, on the other hand, have a lower hip, a muscular body and a very showy coat. The most common disease in German wolves is a joint disorder known as hip dislocation (hip dysplasia). In addition, since German wolves have a very sensitive stomach, they should be fed with a special diet or with foods that do not contain much variety and that the dog is not allergic to. German wolves are among the most preferred breeds in the world. It is used as a working dog, as a military and police dog.

    The ideal length of female-sexed German shepherd dogs is 57.5 cm, and 62.5 cm for males. A deviation of up to 2.5 centimeters in height is considered normal. Their weight is 22-32 kg in females and 35-40 kg in males. is in the range. His face is rough, his forehead is dome-shaped and his nose is long. The nose fungus is black. Because of its strong jaw, it has sharp bites. Their eyes are medium-sized, brown. He looks cheerful, intelligent and confident. Their ears are wide and 90 degrees perpendicular to the head, positioned parallel to each other. It has a long neck and adjusts its speed during movement by raising and lowering it. Its tail is long and hairy.

    This genus is divided into 12 among itself.[citation needed] There are short-haired and long-haired breeds. Some may have a waist as low as half their neck height; While these are generally used as show dogs (Show-Line), some breeds have a flat waist (Work-Line) and are larger when compared to low waist.

    German Shepherd Dogs have different colors. They are usually yellowish brown, black – red and black. Rarely, it is found in all black, gray marl and all white colours. In fact, black, gray and white dogs were more common in the past.

    The German Shepherd is a dog breed famous for its intelligence. According to the statistics kept since the beginning of the 2000s, it is among the top 3 registered dogs in the USA. It is thought that popular movies like Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart, which deal with the relationship between a boy (who belongs to this breed) and his dog, have an influence on this.

    German shepherd dogs are very active, almost all in-breed German shepherd dogs have a very self-confident mentality. They are eager to be trained and do their duty voluntarily. They are very loyal and affectionate towards their owner. If it is not socialized, it can become aggressive towards people. It can attract even people with a cold disposition and is affectionate with strangers. He is quite obedient and not easily confused.

    German Shepherd
    German Shepherd
    German Shepherd
    The average lifespan of German Shepherds is around 12 years.

    It has 3 sensitive points. Hip dislocation, stomach and ears.

    Hip Dislocation is usually passed from parents, even if it is corrected with surgery, full performance cannot be obtained from the dog. Their digestive systems are short and sensitive. In addition to dry food, there are those who are fed the barf diet (raw food). Ear drop is an undesirable situation. It is usually genetic. Dogs with low ears are not accepted to breed competitions and are not allowed to breed.

    In order for a dog to be used in production, they must get a passing grade in the Schutzund and Körung exams. Associations do not allow mating in case of close blood overlap of 3-3.

    German wolves, like all other dogs, see themselves as wolves in a pack of wolves, and there is 1 alpha pair in a pack of wolves. Whenever the alpha couple wants to stop, the herd stops, and whenever the alpha wants to eat, the herd eats. But before the alpha couple is fed, the other wolves can’t eat, they just wait.

    Since the ancestors of dogs are wolves, the puppy looks for an alpha when starting a new life. If it can’t find an alpha, it considers itself alpha and doesn’t obey.

    Being a dog’s alpha is the hardest part of raising a dog.

    German Shepherd dogs can perform different tasks in a wide variety of fields. They are mostly used as police dogs. Because, thanks to their sharp noses, they can easily distinguish and detect elements such as explosives, drugs and corpses. They are also used by soldiers in similar tasks. He warns the soldiers of a trap or an enemy. In addition, these dogs are trained to jump from parachutes or airplanes. German Shepherd Dogs do not get distracted while doing their duties and they focus on their work with great seriousness. For example, they were used during the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II.



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